The Influences of Ezana’s Conversion (p. 1-8)


George Miller

Bates College, History and Classical

and Medieval Studies Major

Abstract:   The History of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church begins in the fourth century. Central to its History is the conversion of Ezana, ruler of the Kingdom of Aksum which provides an excellent look into the Early Ethiopian Orthodox Church. The goal of this paper is to consider and understand the influences that impacted his conversion. As evident, the late antique world views and the unofficial nature of the introduction of Christianity into Ethiopia influenced the theological thinking of his conversion. His inscriptions especially display explicit influence. Frumentius, also known in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church as abba Sälama Käsate Borhan, the ‘Revealer of Light,’” is an important figure to understand in Ezana’s conversion.

The Influences of The Conversion of Ezana (pdf)