A Roman mountaintop sanctuary in Southeastern Austria (p. 33-37)


Assoc. prof. Mag. Dr. Manfred Lehner

University of Graz

Department of Classics, Archaeology Section

Mount Schöckl is situated 14 km northeast of Graz in Styria (Austria). Its plateau consists of limestone with numerous karst phenomena like caves and sinkholes. Numerous legends of treasures, witches, white ladies with snakes, black dwarfs and Satan himself are attached to the mountain. First scattered single-find traces of a Roman site on the distinctive eastern summit were recorded in the 1980ies; since 2015 this site is being properly investigated by the Archaeology department of Graz University. After seven short excavation campaigns it turned out to be a sanctuary with at least two main fana and widespread infrastructure areas.

A Roman mountaintop sanctuary in Southeastern Austria (pdf)