Category: Post Augustum volume 8 (2024)

Night-loving Creatures in the Greco-Roman World (p. 9-32)

ARTICLES Despina Iosif Adjunct Professor of Ancient History and Religion, College Year in Athens Abstract: Τhis paper will argue that most people in the Greco-Roman world did not avoid going out at night, the streets were not empty after dark, and the night was not a time for inactivity and silence in antiquity. Pagans were …

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The Influences of Ezana’s Conversion (p. 1-8)

ARTICLES George Miller Bates College, History and Classical and Medieval Studies Major Abstract:   The History of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church begins in the fourth century. Central to its History is the conversion of Ezana, ruler of the Kingdom of Aksum which provides an excellent look into the Early Ethiopian Orthodox Church. The goal of this …

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