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Welcome to Post Augustum, the site for the history of the Mediterranean during the first post-Christian centuries, run by a team of historians who specialize in the period. The site aims to provide a constant update with articles, research, book reviews, news both from the Greek and international academia, and quotes of original sources. Post Augustum Journal publishes high quality original articles, either in Greek or in English.




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The Anatolian Roads Project

The Anatolian Roads Project is dedicated to research in the field of the Roman road system located in ancient Anatolia, present-day Turkey. The site is sponsored by the History department of Wisconsin Lutheran College under the direction of Dr. Glen L. Thompson and by the Asia Minor Research Center under the direction of Dr. Mark …

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Προσλήψεις Διδασκόντων στο Δημοκρίτειο Πανεπιστήμιο Θράκης

Το Τμήμα Ιστορίας και Εθνολογίας της Σχολής Κλασικών και Ανθρωπιστικών Σπουδών του Δημοκρίτειου Πανεπιστημίου Θράκης αποφάσισε να εκδώσει πρόσκληση εκδήλωσης ενδιαφέροντος για την πρόσληψη διδασκόντων με σύμβαση ορισμένου χρόνου σύμφωνα με το Π.Δ. 407/1980, προκειμένου να διδάξουν κατά το εαρινό εξάμηνο της ακαδημαϊκής χρονιάς 2017-2018, εφόσον ολοκληρωθεί η διάθεση των σχετικών πιστώσεων, τα μαθήματα:

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The Image of Political Power in the Reign of Nerva, AD 96-98

Nathan T. Elkins, The Image of Political Power in the Reign of Nerva, AD 96-98, Oxford University Press, New York 2017.

At age 65, Nerva assumed the role of emperor of Rome; just sixteen months later, his reign ended with his death. Nerva’s short reign robbed his regime of the opportunity for the …

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