Rome and Judaea: International Law Relations

Linda Zollschan, Rome and Judaea: International Law Relations, 162-100 BCE, Routledge Studies in Ancient History,  Routledge, London – New York, 2016. and Judaea explores the nature of Judaea’s first diplomatic mission to Rome during the Maccabean revolt: did it result in a sanctioned treaty or was it founded instead on amity? This book breaks new ground in this debate by bringing to light the “Roman-Jewish Friendship tablet,” a newly discovered piece of evidence that challenges the theory Rome ratified an official treaty with Judaea. Incorporating interdisciplinary research and this new textual evidence, the book argues that Roman-Jewish relations during the Maccabean revolt were motivated by the Roman concept of diplomatic friendship, or amicitia.

Table of Contents

Dedication Page


Chapter 1: New Evidence: The Roman-Jewish Friendship Tablet     

Chapter 2: The Timing of the Embassy

Chapter 3: Early Roman Ties of International Friendship with Hellenistic Pow 

Chapter 4: Roman International Friendship

Chapter 5: The Treaty Hypothesis Revisited

Chapter 6: The Outcome of the Embassy      

Chapter 7: Epilogue: From Jonathan to John Hyrcanus I



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