FLAME Project: Framing the Late Antique and early Medieval Economy

http://coinage.princeton.edu/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Flame-logo-small.pngThe FLAME Project (Framing the Late Antique and early Medieval Economy) reconstructs the early medieval economy CE 325-725 in Western Afro-Eurasia. It supplies hard data about the early medieval economy, in the form of hundreds of thousands of coins, to contribute to the scholarly understanding of key historical questions in this period such as the fall of the Roman Empire, the rise of Islam and the origins of the European economy. It involves an international group of scholars investigating the process of change in the economy of the Mediterranean and surrounding regions during the transitional period from antiquity to the early Middle Ages while using coinage as a proxy. 
            FLAME has concluded its first phase (Minting) and is currently working on gathering and organizing circulation data. It is a project of the Princeton University Numismatic Collection and the Committee for the Study of Late Antiquity.


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