Center for the Study of Christianity: Postdoctoral Research Fellowship 2018-2019

The Center for the Study of Christianity at the Hebrew University of
Jerusalem invites applications for a postdoctoral research fellowship
in one of the following areas of study:
§  New Testament, Early Christianity, its literature and Jewish context
§  Eastern Christianities
§  Christianity in Palestine/Eretz-Israel (in all fields and
throughout its entire history)
§  Jewish-Christian relations
What the CSC is offering:
* The successful candidate will be awarded for one year (or 6 months),
beginning on 1 October 2018, a grant of $2000 per month
* Travel expenses
* Library privileges at the Hebrew University
The postdoctoral fellow is expected to pursue her/his own research and
publications, and to participate in the ongoing academic activities of
the CSC. The fellow will be expected to deliver one or two lectures
about her/his own research, and to be present at the Hebrew University
for the duration of the fellowship. The fellowship requires residence
in Jerusalem.
Candidates should have received their Ph.D. degree after 1 October
2013 from an institution other than the Hebrew University.
* A letter of interest including an indication of the other institutes
to which she/he have applied (maximum of 500 words)
* Curriculum vitae
* A list of publications
* A research project description (maximum of 1000 words)
* Two letters of recommendation (one from her/his Ph.D. supervisor)
* An official copy of her/his Ph.D. degree certificate or Ph.D. submission
All application materials must be submitted via the Scholarship
Application System
of recommendation should be sent directly by the evaluators, according
to the guidelines specified in the online application system. Only
once we receive the letters of reference will the application be
Deadline for applications: 15 June 2018. A decision will be announced
by 6 July 2018.
Should you have any queries or require further information you may
contact us at:

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