Ancient World Mapping Center – Maps for Texts: Ptolemy, Table of Important Cities

Ancient World Mapping Center: Maps for Texts.

In this series, the Center compiles maps for ancient texts which can be usefully illustrated in this way.  Naturally, the likelihood is that in most, perhaps all, instances these texts were not originally accompanied by maps.  The series is openly licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC 4.0.

Completed: Ptolemy, Table of Important Cities

Two maps, each in two versions, are offered.  They are produced by Richard Talbert, Gabriel Moss, Alexandra Locking, Peter Raleigh, and the staff of the Center.  Both maps are based on the edition by Lutz Koch, Florian Mittenhuber, and Alfred Stückelberger in Ptolemaios Handbuch der Geographie, vol. 3 (Basel, 2009).  One map (labelled “ancient”) adopts Ptolemy’s projection as drawn by Alfred Stückelberger et al, ibid. vols. 1-2 (2006), using files kindly provided by them, with all sites marked at Ptolemy’s co-ordinates.  The other map (labelled “modern”, ending at longitude 90 degrees E) is based on Antiquity à-la-Carte and shows all the sites which can be located, positioning and naming them as in the Barrington Atlas.  For both maps, one version (labelled “original”) shows only sites originally included in the Table; the other version (labelled “all”) includes sites only added in some later manuscripts.  A searchable directory provides further information on all names in the Table, including the Barrington Atlas reference for each.

More information: Ancient World Mapping Center: Maps for Texts.

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