Acropolis Museum: exhibition “εmotions”

Tuesday, 18 JulySunday, 19 November, 2017

Τhe Acropolis Museum joins forces with the Onassis Foundation, an organization which has been contributing to Culture and Education for 42 years, in a rare and significant partnership. The end result is co-staging in Athens the “εmotions” exhibition, which scored such a huge success at the Onassis Cultural Center, New York.

“Emotions” is a narrative exhibition which sheds light on the unseen world of emotions in the personal, social and political life of antiquity. Exhibits from the world’s greatest museums tell stories of emotions in ancient Greek art through the gaze of the Acropolis Museum.

The show’s curators are: Angelos Chaniotis, Professor of Ancient History and Classics in the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton and a member of the Board of the Onassis Foundation’s affiliate organization in the US; Nikos Kaltsas, honorary director of the National Archaeological Museum; and Ioannis Mylonopoulos, assistant professor of Ancient Greek Art and Archaeology at Columbia University.

The exhibition will be displayed in a new tailor made setting, developed by the Acropolis Museum in collaboration with the architect, Eleni Spartsi. The general oversight of the updated display has been undertaken by the President of the Acropolis Museum himself, Professor Dimitris Pandermalis.

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