The Anatolian Roads Project

The Anatolian Roads Project is dedicated to research in the field of the Roman road system located in ancient Anatolia, present-day Turkey. The site is sponsored by the History department of Wisconsin Lutheran College under the direction of Dr. Glen L. Thompson and by the Asia Minor Research Center under the direction of Dr. Mark Wilson. The Anatolian Roads Project (TARP) is a work in progress and thus will be updated and improved as time goes on.

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Purpose and Scope:


1. To help reconstruct as accurately and precisely as possible the routes of the Roman road system of ancient Anatolia. In general we will limit ourselves to the area within the borders of modern-day Turkey.

2. To construct a comprehensive archive of information and photos of the ancient road fragments, bridges, mileposts, and other associated structures which are still extant or which were noted by modern travelers.

3. To provide an archive of the accounts of early modern travelers within Anatolia.

4. To raise awareness of these historical artifacts and their fragile nature, and to encourage their preservation as an important part of the world’s cultural heritage.


Visit the site: The Anatolian Roads Project

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