12th seminar series “Ricerche a Confronto”: “Patterns of complaint”

The Cultural Association Rodopis,
in cooperation with the Department of Humanities (Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici) of the University of Urbino Carlo Bo (PU, Italy),
presents the 12th seminar series “Ricerche a Confronto,” titled “Patterns of complaint”
On the 2000th anniversary of Ovid’s death, the 12th seminar series “Ricerche a Confronto” will be devoted to the general theme “Patterns of complaint,” taking inspiration from the poet’s own experience and his works Amores, Heroides, Tristia, and Epistulae ex Ponto.
The seminars have a strong interdisciplinary approach, and aim at investigating how individuals and communities express pain, abandonment, and the forced separation from one’s homeland and its effects.
The event also intends to promote the meeting of young scholars with different backgrounds and research interests; therefore, the proposed subject may be explored from a number of perspectives, including (but not limited to) philology and literature; anthropology; history; archaeology; history of art; semiotics; iconography, all with the possibility of focusing on specific case-studies, documents, and material evidence.
The seminars will take place at the University of Urbino Carlo Bo in November 2017, on Tuesday 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th. Each meeting will feature two presentations of 30 minutes each, and final discussion.
Postgraduate Students, PhDs, and Early Career Researchers are invited to submit an anonymous abstract of 200-250 words in pdf format (filename: first three words of the paper’s title), by September 15th 2017. Abstracts must be sent to ricercheaconfronto2017@gmail.com (subject line: RAC 2017 abstract). Participants are requested to specify dates in which they will NOT be able to present their papers.
Proposals will be evaluated by a committee of the Association’s members; selected speakers will be contacted by October 1st, 2017.
The seminar series is part of the program “A partire da Ovidio”. For further information: www.rodopis.it

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